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12. Sacred Sexuality

Tantra: an Ancient Spiritual Practice

According to Tantra, everything is a manifestation of Shakti. Shakti can be thought of as lifeforce energy. Everything is imbued with Shakti, or Shakti is the energy that imbues everything.

Shakti is a Hindu deity that represents the source of life, the energy that empowers the universe. She is the creative force that unfurls and propels form and life into existence, the primordial goop from which all things emerge.

She exists as potential, but is also the ultimate, dynamic, creative force. Comparing Shakti to a battery isn’t far off the mark. She is a reservoir of energy, a rich, fertile land that is always spurring creation and growth. Shakti is the ground of being.

Another way of framing Shakti is eros or erotic energy. Eros, in Greek mythology is the God of love. Freud used the term to denote the life-preservation instinct that underlies love, sex (procreation) and survival.

In Tantric practice, one taps into this energy. Whether through breathing, visualization, meditation and/or physical touch. The idea is that life force energy is within us (as it is in everything) and can be opened up to and experienced.

The experience that most people report when opening up or connecting to Shakti is one of intense energy and pleasure. It’s like connecting to the battery, but not just any battery — the battery that powers all life.

The universe is always producing, creativity is always flowing, and we are a part of this ever-unfolding process (called “life”). However, we aren’t always aware of this simple fact. In fact, we live very disconnected from it.

Humans think we are separate from it all — that the world we created (society, culture, our job, technology) is somehow its own, isolated reality. And then there’s this other thing called nature, life, the Universe “out there.”

We are a part of everything, and we have been. Our world as we know it is just another leaf sprouting off a branch on the age-old tree of life. So the same source that is underlying all of existence, that is fertilizing the “cosmic tree” is fertilizing us. We just aren’t aware of it.

Tantric practice is aimed at reconnecting with this source. Just as a leaf’s life can be traced all the way down to the roots, which take from the earth itself, so too can we tap into the dynamic force that drives us and propels our life, our creativity, our generativity, our life and all of existence.

This is the viewpoint of Tantra — that we can access the source of Life. That is huge.

This energy is always empowering us, moving us, enlivening the world. But when we connect to it in a conscious way, such that we are aware, open-minded and present, it is a whole different ballgame.

From this Tantra Article

The Architecture of a Woman's Heart
(with German translations)

Arjuna Ardagh

Vídeo de YouTube

At the Deeper Love Intensive near Munich 
in Germany, a man asks Chameli and Arjuna 
a question about his attraction to other women.

On one side, in our patriarchal and mysogynist culture, we have violent pornography, which ritualizes the suffering of women & the brutalization of bodies of women as a source of sexual pleasure for men (now the average age of consumption of pornography is 11 years old: young people are learning about their own sexuality through this medium) ...

... and on the other side there are spiritual practices (like Tantra) that ritualize the celebration of the body and physical pleasure of both women & men as incarnations of the Eros principle, as Goddess and God (ShaktiShiva respectively), connecting in the endless dance of creation. 

So Tantra can be seen as a healing practice not only of personal unhealthy or destructive patterns that any person raised in patriarchy has absorbed, especially about our sexuality and sexual expression ... but also as a healing ritual that we can practice in order to heal the deepest levels of our culture.  Invoking the spirit in all thing we invoke the energies that unite us all.

Deeply respecting and loving a woman's body as an incarnate Goddess we are respecting and loving - healing - all women.

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