We celebrated Women's Day 2016 by launching these study-circle materials
to encourage & support all people who want to end Patriarchy:
women & men who realize this requires an internal as well as external transformation,
& that it is more fun and much more effective to do this together.

Stella & Jose from the Integral PermaCulture Academy explain what Men's and Women's Circles are
and why they are important:

Vídeo de YouTube

We believe that
it is time for women to ask for and get more support from male allies,
and it is time men truly get behind women's leadership to change the world.

Sexism (& Patriarchy) can only be dismantled by women's leadership, in the same way that racism can only be dismantled by black people's leadership, and classism by the leadership of the working class.  Allies are essential and the main job of any ally is to learn to truly listen - in this case men learning to truly listen to what women ask of them.  

And we ask that all men and women consciously choose to dismantle Patriarchy 
by committing to two directions of concrete action towards eliminating sexism:

1) on a personal level, we ask that you choose to become aware of every relationship you have with any woman (mother, sister, partners, friends, teachers, as well as the stereotypes and archetypes of women) as a teaching-learning assignment in how sexism operates in our every day lives, to learn how we ourselves are perpetuating the patterns, in order to consciously transform them.

2)  on a collective level, we ask you to actively contribute to the ongoing battle that radical feminists have been fighting for centuries, by studying the movement and its struggles and choosing a task or direction you are personally best suited and passionate about working in.  There are many great men showing the way.

This proverb is phrased as an individual path, but it is time now to recognize 
more of the collective path of women as a class, and men as a class.

It is important for women to know we have some great allies in men who choose to be more conscious, 
so these Women's and Men's circles are designed to work along side each other and come together to share our insights and struggles, to better work together to end all kinds of oppression.

To this end we have compiled here a series of 12 topics (one per month, for a year)
to explore important, interesting and also some quirky 
gender, sex and sexism issues
for women's and men's circles 
meeting locally in parallel, anywhere in the world
with the option of then sharing insights
between groups, globally. 

Our aim is to end violence against women and girls in the world
& the accompanying systemic brutalization of men
by empowering both women and our male allies to understand the issues,
how they affect us personally as well as socially, 
and so figure out for ourselves, with good support,
what we can do to improve our own lives and relationships,
as well as rid the world of this violence, for future generations.

The material is woman-centered because the world is not.

where we meet & that we invite you to join.

 If you'd like to help set up or be part of a support group in your home, neighbourhood or project 
we would love to help - join us!


"Hard Times Require Furious Dancing" Alice Walker